695 right now from 1500 +

For a song to stay in my collection (and my collection and my playlist are the same thing) it must meet the following criteria:

  • The very first chords have to arouse a minimal, almost non-existent, inner feeling of joy in myself, just because of that song.
  • It has to suit my mood, whatever my mood happens to be at that very moment.
  • Not for a second the thought I wish it’d have finished by now must present in my mind.

And no holy cows neither sentimentality crap whatsoever.



Harden up

Wind, rain, and snow, plenty of. Midway I began to fear my toes would freeze. Chainset and sprockets started to malfunction just in the middle of nowhere, with heavy snow falling on a beautiful white for once landscape. A shame all these worries didn’t let me fully enjoy the ride. Pretty decent times for all the trouble. I feel increasingly safe on the bike.