695 right now from 1500 +

For a song to stay in my collection (and my collection and my playlist are the same thing) it must meet the following criteria:

  • The very first chords have to arouse a minimal, almost non-existent, inner feeling of joy in myself, just because of that song.
  • It has to suit my mood, whatever my mood happens to be at that very moment.
  • Not for a second the thought I wish it’d have finished by now must present in my mind.

And no holy cows neither sentimentality crap whatsoever.



4 thoughts on “695 right now from 1500 +”

  1. By ‘No holy cows’ I didn’t mean I allow no holy cows in my collection (there are plenty), but that if a song by a holy cow doesn’t meet any of my criteria, it won’t stay there just because it’s a song by a holy cow. Easier said than done, though —they offer resistance and tend to linger, the same that songs that have a sentimental value attached to them.


  2. I see.

    Incidentally, I recently watched the Paris concert by Supertramp. It is quite close (certainly from the same 1979 tour) to the album of the same title that we both love so much. I didn’t even know there was footage of those shows. Boy, was it fun to watch! The band seems at its peak. It is remarkable how effortlessly they play, how at ease, how smooth everything runs. It’s served to recall once again how damn good the tunes they composed so long ago really are.

    In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the link (I read in the comments that this kind of links don’t last much, so hurry up)

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    1. Toni! Don’t know how to thank you for this! Thank you! :-) It must be the lost footage we talked about a couple of years ago, which they said it was going to be released in DVD but never did, and now it’s up there online, with all the glory, until it lasts.

      You’ve said all about it.

      Thanks again! How wonderful to actually watch the band perform those songs at that venue in that moment —at last.


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