I’ve been busy these past months preparing for some public examinations I decided to compete for. So busy, I couldn’t believe at my age I was yet able to study so much and so well. I was lucky I began, at some point early in the process, enjoying the matter —laws. Otherwise is hell, especially for the people that really need the job and put a lot —but a lot— of exclusive effort and money into something with a very (but a very) uncertain result.

I passed one, and did the last exam (the third out of three) for the second one just last Saturday.

Don’t know what to do with all this time I have today.

3 thoughts on “Oposiciones”

  1. Good luck with the rest of it.

    Incidentally, last July 20th I had an “oposición” myself (in this case, a promotion, but involving a couple of evaluations and quite a bit of preparation). I’m now a full professor :)


    1. Well, congratulations to you! It’s hard to be examined again, kind of humiliating, but a promotion’s a promotion. I only hope you could finally get the thing without having to show some particular linguistic credentials we talked about some time ago –you know what I mean ;-)

      And full professor sounds just right. It belongs to you.

      And you know, in my case, if I finally get the job (the oposición I won is actually legally sequestered, the second exam having been nullified, and the other one is yet undecided), my promotion would mean unstigmatizing myself at last –just when I don’t need that anymore :-)


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