Rei meu

There’s this guy who is giving a training course at work about how to adapt to change. Then he suddenly stops speaking and contritely, small panic showing up in his countenance and voice, interrupts the class flow, and solemnly says, you know, there are things we could easily talk about in the past but we can’t, shouldn’t now… A moment ago I’ve said something I profoundly regret having said, when in reply to A.’s comment, I’ve said, ‘Si pasa eso, nos tiramos directamente por la ventana’ (If that happens we throw ourselves directly out the window). In speaking so I’ve trivialized… well, I’ve trivialized that big human drama that is suicide. I apologize to you for such disgraceful and utterly disrespectful remark… Can’t even begin to imagine what would someone who has been through the situation I’ve joked about and taken so lightly feel right now… I recant my comment and apologize again.

Of course I went straight to the trainers’ supervisor’s office after the class to tell her to dismiss him immediately and altogether. She showed restraint, that one being his first and only fault until now, she said. So I had no choice but to tell her the whole truth, that over the total of the twelve hours’ course twice or thrice he had failed to use inclusive language.

That was it. He’s no trainer anymore. Good riddance.

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