Skip the small talk (part one)

This is the original post:

And here are my answers —I’m not skipping any.

  • If you were going to be frozen tomorrow for a one-way 1000-year interstellar voyage, what would you most want to communicate (and to whom) before you leave?

I assume voyage like death and leaving as dying. Whom is obvious: my wife and my son. What: Mourn me for a month most; from then on, I’ll be watching you, and every time you smile, laugh, enjoy, or achieve I’ll beatifically smile in comfort and joy —you’re happy, I’m happy; you’re not, I’m not.

  • What do you think you’re most likely to regret on your deathbed?

As the song goes, “Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention”…  No, no, or yes. What first comes to my mind when thinking about this are paths in life that I’ve not taken, but you can’t never regret that —life is choosing, and all that could’ve happened is imaginary. Decisions are not regrettable —wrongdoings are, and mistakes sometimes. What have I done wrong, then, that I’ll regret on my deathbed, or what mistakes have I made that I did because of laziness in action or thought?

My biggest mistake, I think, is having been complacent in regard with my way of life, taking for granted that my job was stable enough and my income good enough to provide for myself and my family, and that everything else would be guaranteed and provided by the state.

  • What do you miss most about your past that could be recreated today?

Nothing can be recreated.

  • What’s the most important thing to remember daily that you haven’t been able to?

That you cannot change people.

  • What help could you most use that you haven’t asked for?

Please don’t talk to me or when I’m around about illness, symptoms, pains, conditions, sensations, afflictions, operations, wounds, infections, syndromes, epidemics, pandemics, fevers, procedures, blood tests and results.

  • What is your one piece of advice to everyone here?

Beach, fun, sun, and peace of mind.

  • What was the last thing you fell in love with?

My bicycle.

  • When was the last time you felt unbounded optimism?

Unbounded, never. Optimism, I felt optimistic about my chances of finishing it when I started my degree in Mathematics at a very late age —it proved wrong.

  • Who was the last person you felt inspired by?

Toni the waiter at the Bar Espanya (antic Can Vinagre) who speaks so loudly to clients that I can hear him all the time —in the eighteen years I’ve been living in my house now I’ve never heard him complain, swear, not to say hello to people, not to greet children with fanfare; he works plenty and well; he’s a happy and contented man, a daily inspiration for me truly.

[to be continued]

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