Skip the small talk (part II)

This is the original post:

And here are my answers —I’m not skipping any.

  • What simple thing still blows your mind?

That the whole of human knowledge is reenacted in every generation.

  • What sparked your curiosity in whatever you’re most curious about now?

Nowadays, I’m most curious about how it is that we’re consciously and deliberately abandoning the main ideas whose historically painful putting into action made us free and prosperous —that men and women are equal in law and in human dignity; that you’re responsible for your actions, but only for yours; that everyone is innocent until proved guilty; and that freedom of expression is the ultimate right, along with the right to provide for oneself, that may keep us away from tyranny.

What sparked my curiosity about that, you bet.

  • What’s the most useful concept you have that doesn’t have a name?

You don’t allow yourself to lie, so that you’d better do the right thing now or then you’ll have no easy escape afterwards. It’s kind of methodological, self-protecting use of truth.

  • What’s something you believe but can’t defend?

I believe you have the right, even the moral duty, of taking care yourself at avenging any wrongdoings you or your loved ones have been victims of. I wouldn’t defend that idea, though —mediated, indirect, organized, institutional justice is a far much better way to handle that —for all its shortcomings, that are not few.

  • What taste do you have that most people don’t have, where does it come from, and how has it helped you?

Taste… I don’t know what you mean by taste here. I’ll take it as inclination or state of mind or trait of character… The most useful for me is that I don’t pretend. I know fairly well what I’m worth, and don’t feel any need to try to pass for what I’m not or make believe that I know what I don’t. That’s a big release —people put a lot of mental and practical effort in disguising their true selves or conceal their shortcomings. Not having to do that saves me time and trouble, makes me less dependent on other people’s opinions, lets me focus on my agenda, and makes me know them better.

  • What is your most radical belief?

That what I do, or don’t do, what I think or don’t think, is none of your business.


That you owe me nothing, and that I owe you nothing.

  • Do you think it’s more important to follow the “written” rules or the “unwritten” rules? What is one unwritten rule that you’ve learned?

The unwritten, of course. Also, it’s more important to break the latter than the former, if rules must be broken.

One unwritten rule that I’ve learned? But there are hundreds of them, you can’t become a functional adult without learning them, starting as a toddler.

Well, one of my favorites, one that’s increasingly under attack, that they try to undermine because it detracts highly from the absolute power they want, is that you don’t snitch.

[To be continued]

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