Leaving home

Second day without M. at home —he’s left for the big city to start his studies in International Business at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona!

It feels weird. And from time to time, J. or I get the blues and cry a bit.

6 thoughts on “Leaving home”

  1. But that’s great! :)

    Of course it is, we know! But it’s new to us, after 18 years completely dedicated to him, not to find him home when we wake up, or hear his never-ending whistling, or, in my case, not having no one to make me angry… :-) Allow us some time to readapt, and in the meantime, the occasional little anxiety (will he eat properly, will he be ok, will he socialize, will he like his studies, will he get homesick, ? etc.) :-)

    Incidentally, A spent last year at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economy in the UPF campus, doing his Master.

    How good! And such a happy coincidence… So is A. now a graduate student already?


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