12th and 13th

Oct 12, 2021

Phone calls

Called M. from the top of the Mirador de Ses Barques, but he didn’t answer the phone. Why should I do such an unusual thing, a thing so un-me, as to videocall him? Well, he phoned yesterday in his usual style —I call, you do the talking, I show absolute no excitement for anything. When I told him that wasn’t the way to call, he said, Well, you don’t ever call me, do you? And that’s true. So I decided to start calling him, the right way —with something good and lively to tell, briefly, and not at some usual time or another, so he a) can get some satisfaction, hopefully, and b) learn by example and imitation to make good phone calls. But he didn’t answer the phone, so I guess all it’s been to no avail.

Field trip to Mirador de Ses Barques

I took a carrot with me and eat it —and the humble, low-caloric piece made its work very well and let me get back my previously wasted energy. Carrots have gained their way to my food pyramid.

Really nice paths there.

Watched Take Shelter (2011) – IMDb

Directed by Jeff Nichols. Schizophrenia —interesting and terrifying. Curious how another (better) film, All the Bright Places (2020) – IMDb, dealing in the maniac-depressive illness, got me interested in psychiatric disorders, so I read An Unquiet Mind, by Kay Redfield Jamison. That led to the one I’m reading right now, I Hate You —Don’t Leave Me, by Jerold J. Kreisman and Hal Straus, about the BDI (Borderline Personality Disorder).


Alan Watts has it right —smell is the most neglected sense, notwithstanding the fact that its effects are powerful, not the least reason of it because they tend to be unconscious. So I thought that you could try some kind of Pavlovian classical conditioning, by way of associating a particular smell to a state of wellbeing, and then use the smell to provoke the good feeling. I think it particularly useful when applied at home with small children —a pity I didn’t think of it when bringing up M. Anyway, I’m interested now so I’ll look into it —better late than never.

Oct 13, 2021

An occurrence

Si estás un poco mal, estás mejor que si estás muy bien.

Driving notes

I learnt two things through M.’s studying the circulation code in order to get his license. First, that you have a whole two minutes to park the car before you’re sent off, with no limit in the number of maneuvers you can do. Should had I known it earlier, I’d had spared myself a lot of trouble. Now, when I have one of those days when you simply aren’t inspired enough to insert the car inline when the distance allowed is less than half a meter longer than the length of your car, and you’re blocking their way to other cars, I can easily get out and explain to the nice driver behind that I think I’ll make ample use of my two minutes’ time and my limitless number of maneuvers, thank you.

Second, the rearview mirror located at the right isn’t compulsory. Since I learnt that, I’ve been having less and less use of that particular gadget. I’ve adjusted my central rearwiew mirror to point rightwards, so that I have that side covered. Of course, you lose depth in your straight rear vision, but it’s not really important to notice cars far away behind. This new disposition, I find it helps me not to get my eyes off the road ahead. And then I can use the right rearview for what it’s really worth —to help you park your car inline on the spot in time and form.

My new wristwatch

I’ve got a new wristwatch. Not beautiful like my previous one was, but very nice indeed, blue-faced with no printed numbers, with little marks signaling the minutes and big marks at the multiples of five, its sphere encased in a metallic bezel and held by an equally metallic chain. Too heavy (100 g), of course, and cheaply made —someday I’ll have a wristwatch in which the seconds hand will always, always lie exactly upon its mark (not half a millimeter before or after) for a second, before going to the next one and lying exactly upon its mark; I promise.

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