Don’t Muzaknize

Only of lately I’ve realized what a sin is the habit to listen to background music. I don’t do it anymore —or try not to. A song, any piece of music, is only as good as the time you’re willing to sacrifice just listening to it. If what you’re listening in the background isn’t worthy of your whole time, then it’s noise, not music; if it is, but you’re not willing to stop whatever you’re doing and simply listen, you don’t deserve it —you’re using the song and wasting its artist’s talent.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Muzaknize”

  1. But music is not just an art, at least, not nowadays. It’s also an industry. And artists like to make money from it. They may need to create songs that allow them to finance their more personal ones. And their non-artistic needs. Music streaming platforms pay artists proportionally to the number of times their songs are played. Ask your favorite artists if they want you to stop their music while you work and get back to them only with active listening. Their response may surprise you. Furthermore, some music is specifically created to help you work, sleep, run… and chill with friends! What about listening in background the same music you previously listened to actively and enjoy it by recalling the previous feelings and wellbeing?
    I am guilty of everything I said!

    PS: Excuse my poor English, I wrote this too quickly and you deserve better!

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