Music video of the day

They were unknown in Spain at the moment and they face an indifferent, if not slightly hostile and clearly contemptuous audience of what I think they thought were a bunch of clown mariachis. The producer does a great job at capturing the faces of the people, especially women, as they try hard not to let the music alter their snobbish pose for the night, but little by little and in spite of themselves are drawn by the song’s irresistible charm. Watch for yourself.

The passerby was me, and of course I waved back to him in return

There’s been a nice addition these days to my walking back from work —the Tren de Sóller leaving its base station in Palma in route to its (really wonderful) destination, after being forcefully stranded for the two fateful years we’re all well aware of and utterly fed up with.

Sóller is what it comes up to mind when you think of the garden of Eden; the place where I would definitely buy some land, grow an orchard and love to live.

Today, furthermore, there’s been an even nicer addition on top of the aforementioned addition —a boy no older than five, leaning from the window in route to the valley, a smile on his face while he rather shyly waved goodbye to the only passerby that happened to be at the moment on the street.

In an otherwise perfectly unremarkable film, Lion (2016) (good interpretations aside, especially that of the young boy, Sunny Pawar, and Nicole Kidman of course), it made an impression on me how the starving five year-old, lost and alone in a hostile city, after having been trapped all by himself in a decommissioned train for as long as two days, before eagerly putting the food in his mouth when he finds some partially-consumed leftovers in a Calcutta park, leans his head down and puts his hands together in a brief act of thanksgiving.