Of vampires, other parasites, and Dr. Freud (or those mind guerillas forever)

Vampires — Near Dark (1987). If you’ve watched the imho not very enjoyable Netflix’s Black Mirror Bandersnatch you will have noticed that one of the options is between a band that was completely strange to me and Tangerine Dreams, which it wasn’t (entirely). I felt curious afterwards about it and found out that they had written the score for a sizable amount of films. Spoilers ahead.

Near Dark does a remarkable job at portraying the misery that eternal life would ensure, in whatever form it would take, be celestial or infernal. In addition, it contains one of the most sensual scenes I’ve ever seen on the big screen, which it takes you by surprise —no fanfare and the not at all romantic music by the Tangerines in the background.

Other parasites — Thief (1981). A bigger musical score here, and quite good by the way. Thief is about the honest life of a good dishonest man. It’s also about independence of character and the perils of persuasion. Frank knows that the ultimate way to freedom is truth and to get rid of every thing you care for —your life being the last of them.

Dr. Freud — I came across the John Lennon’s interview for Playboy that took place in 1980. I don’t know whether his explanations of Paul’s and George’s actions are accurate or not, spiteful or not, but I know that he’s right to go beyond appearances and try to find the truth in the underlying motives —the subconscious. Because it’s not anywhere. Discard therapy and all the nonsense, but if you don’t see the world in terms of  repressed emotions and a never-ending quietly violent conflict between eros (the need to live) and thanatos (the wish to die) that entirely takes place in anybody’s mind, you won’t be able to understand either society or people, and worse, you won’t have a clue neither about why you behave the way you do.

And Lennon —you may like the guy or not, but he was determined to be in command of himself and of his life, and that’s something not everybody is able to say about themselves.