My collection, part 4 of 82

Muddy Waters, Baby Please Don’t Go
The Beatles, Back in the USSR
The Beatles, Bad Boy
A bad little kid moved into my neighborhood
He won't do nothing right, just sitting down and looks so good
He don't want to go to school and learn to read and write
Just sits around the house and plays the rock and roll music all night
Well, he put some tacks on teacher's chair
Puts chewing gum in little girl's hair
Now, junior, behave yourself
Xaloc, Bàlitx
Louis Armstrong, Beale Street Blues

My collection (part 3 of 82)

Julieta Venegas, Andar conmigo
The Rolling Stones, Angie
Supertramp, Another Man’s Woman

Live versions not so good as the studio one, I’m afraid.

You ain’t nothing but another man’s woman… Not very elegant to say, absolutely not advisable writing it today, but nevertheless one of the most powerful sentences in lyrics you’ll ever hear, …living on another man’s land… Is there anything more basic or primitive, and so, honest, pathetic and also convenient, for a male to feel when he’s dumped by a female?

Anyway, the song’s terrific.

Esclarecidos, Arriba y abajo
No sé muy bien qué es ser feliz,
ni me preocupa demasiado,
pero cuando estuve cerca
tú estabas a mi lado
Schubert, Auf dem wasser zu singen

My collection (Part 2 of 82)

The Beatles, Act Naturally
Los Ronaldos, Adiós papá

I left home rather precariously and not with my parents’ approval, so I was surprised and grateful at my father’s giving me a modest quantity of money to let me have a start —a money he certainly wasn’t at all in excess of.

In fact, I must say I’m more grateful now than I was at the time. But I’ve been stupid for a long time in my youth and later, so that’s self-explaining.

Those were (from June 1989 to February 1991) hard times for us, in regard to money. And some time after, as well.

Supertramp, Ain’t Nobody But Me

… gonna lie for you, gonna die for you

Ain’t no fish in the sea,

gonna sigh for you, gonna try for you

Then, many years later the person who made those words actual was born.

Dick Hyman & Howard Alden, All of Me / The Peanut Vendor
Maria Dolores Pradera, Amarraditos

My collection (Part 1 of 82)

These are the songs that have made it into my collection. Note that they may be a different version than the ones shown here. I’ll be posting them every Sunday, five by five, alphabetically ordered by track’s name.

The Rolling Stones, 19th Nervous Breakdown
George Duning, 3:10 to Yuma’s Theme
The Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night
Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France, A Little Love, a Little Kiss
Georges Bizet, Carmen (Overture)