Straussian we go

What we thought to be the end of history, that final civilization based upon freedom, reason, justice, equality, and peace, that we thought we were finally reaching after the collapse of the Communist monstrosity, made by and for individuals equal in dignity and legal status, commited to truth and respect for each other’s rights, whose people were corageous enough to accept their own responsibilities in life and willing to live plentifully and if not bravely at least without fear, in which dissidence was not only not banned but encouraged as a means to progress and ever-lasting freedom,

Let’s face it —far from being the end of anything, it has wound up being a singularity, a mere historic anomaly. A bluff.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to have lived part of our lives there are the same who are the most regretting about its failure. The thrill of living, of risking, of freethinking, of arguing, of being true to ourselves and honest to the other people —all that is gone.

Welcome again to orthodoxy, sex discrimination (for males this time), thought control, submission, and fear. The state is overwhelming —is back.

So we’ll hide, like our ancestors had to. Perhaps not physically, but all in other ways. And we’ll fight. We’ll comply only formally to get our censors tricked so our works are allowed to circulate, but we’ll speak to each other —the seldom ones who are in for liberty, I mean, and don’t be so sure you are one of them— writing and reading between lines, covertly, precariously —but thrillingly again. That’s the way Straussian meant in the title of this post. We’ll form a small society that way, but it’ll be the one who’ll end up subverting the larger one —again.

I invite you to join if you want and start training yourself in Straussian ways with, for instance, that Impulse YouTube’s original content to know what I mean.