Juliet, Naked

The film —I haven’t read the book.

Very nice film, again parenting, good and bad, why do films like these touch me? Key decision of your life —be a parent, or not. Until recently it wasn’t a decision at all —either you married and were, or didn’t and weren’t. And marrying was much less of a decision than that of becoming a father or mother.

Life is more difficult now, just because of that —what some years ago came naturally to you, it won’t to now unless you make an explicit decision about it. Much of the trouble with women nowadays is rooted in that —they want, at the same time, to be mothers and not to be mothers. Solution is hopeless.

By the way, how does Ethan Hawke manage to cover Waterloo Sunset so well?

Take it or leave it

Truth, or better, not telling lies, apart from being one of the fundamental moral obligations is a powerful way of getting yourself out of trouble. If you self-impose not to tell lies, you’ll have to do the right thing because you know you won’t have the false but easy way out lies provide. You think it twice before bad-behaving.

Idem with relationships, and this is direct advice to my niece (my son’s already heard it from me). You don’t break up with your boyfriend today and call him on the morrow. You don’t come back to him after he’s ditched you once. Either way should be a cease and desist. No second thoughts, no words of tenderness and forgiveness, no working it out —just plain no coming back. You, or he, think it twice before splitting out.

And be like Johnnie too good

Saturday morning. I go biking. On my way out of the city I see a female coworker in her way in to the city to waste some hours doing overtime at the so-called parking day in which some streets are emptied of cars and children are invited to be expected to what? Don’t play soccer don’t play rough don’t play un-inclusively no competition allowed everybody has their prize don’t dare go to the street beyond don’t do anything without adult supervision if you’re wronged come here my darling and tell your teacher. But at least she’s worth looking at, in passing.

Although I’m out of form, I try na Burguesa, the tallest peak around. I fail at 2/3rds of the summit. No fellow cyclists around, by the way, and definitely none of the ones carrying 3000 euros worth of equipment on them. Just one mountain biker on my way up and two on my prudish and ridiculously-paced way down.

Saturday evening. Richard Linklater’s Everybody Wants Some. You end up wondering if you’ve been cheated into thinking you’ve just seen another no-brains movie or if, on the contrary, a very inconsequential film is infiltrated with very interesting dialog and scenography to make you think this isn’t another no-brains movie.

Sunday morning. I try my new gadget to clean windows—a windows sucker. You apply your ordinary windows cleaner to the glass and then you proceed to vacuum. And it works, actually better than expected.

Sunday afternoon. Rio Conchos. Not a bad story made into a very watchable western whose very most merit lies on the way their heroes are not.